I am looking for immediate (within the next few hours) technical/programming support on a completed Python/Django project. I have created the code and it works flawlessly on my local machine but when attempting to deploy it through Github on to Microsoft Azure I get the following error “ This website is running Python 3.4.1  There’s nothing here yet, but Microsoft Azure makes it simple to publish” (apparently not simple enough) What I’d like is an hour to and hour and half MAX of your time to do a screen share from my computer showing you how I’ve attempted to deploy this code on Azure and have you hopefully identify to me where I’ve gone wrong and what I need to do to fix the problem.

I have an immediate need for the support as this project is client facing. So the first that gets back to me with experience with Python/Azure deployment will very likely be the person I go with.

   Some data to help:

I have been unable to find any errors or other symptoms beyond the web application simply not working.

Application settings are as follows:
.NET Framework version: v4.7
PHP version: 5.6
Python version: 3.4
Java version: Off
Platform: 32-bit (have also tried 64-bit)
Web sockets: Off
Always On: On
Managed Pipeline Version: Integrated
HTTP Version: 2.0 (have also tried 1.1)
ARR Affinity: On
Auto Swap: Off
FTP access: FTP & FTPS
Remote Debugging: Off
*The remaining settings are defaults

Budget: $150
Posted On: December 06, 2018 15:22 UTC
Category: IT & Networking > Network & System Administration
Skills: Microsoft Azure App Services, Django, Python
Country: United States
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