This project is to create coding challenge used to select and hire very high quality senior developers in the following stacks -

1. Python/Django
2. Python/Flask
3. Python/gRPC

Assessment Type - Scenario-based coding challenge for senior developers. Each challenge must include test cases.
Assessment Level: Advanced

Please follow these guidelines: 
1. Questions should be scenario/role based questions targeted towards selecting high-quality senior developers.
2. Questions should test the problem solving skills of Senior developers
3. Questions should be plagiarism free
4. Questions should be well articulated and free of errors (technical and grammatical)
5. Question should not be ambiguous
6. Ownership of the questions will be transfered to my team and the questions should not be replicated or reproduced in any form for any other client.
7. All questions will be subjected to rigorous internal review before acceptance or payment.

Budget: $20
Posted On: December 06, 2018 20:42 UTC
Category: Writing > Technical Writing
Skills: Django, Flask, Python
Country: Nigeria
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